Bicycle Pizza

Take-Out Pizza
Frozen Pizza

Thin crust, mostly round, handmade pizza.

The same delicious pizza, frozen.


Frozen Pizza Subscription

The best subscription you've committed to all year. Delicious frozen pizza delivered to your home.

Take-Out Pizza

Pre-order online to take-out only. 


Available for pick up in Brentwood Bay every week. 
Friday & Saturday nights from 5 p.m - 9 p.m.


Our Pizza

Bicycle Pizza is a cross between New York and California style with a little Mediterranean flair thrown in for good measure.

But categorizing pizza is a silly thing to do. Who cares? It’s delicious!

The dough is old-school with no funny ingredients: Soft flour (with a bit of whole wheat), water, yeast and salt, and a little elbow grease too, as it’s mixed and rolled by hand.

Do You Need More Pizza in Your Life?

Like the bicycle, our business is flexible, agile, has a low footprint and is delicious!

Let us know if you have a private (or public) event with pizza needs. Cafe by day, pop-up pizzeria by night. 

Attention retailers, your freezers would look way better with pizza in them. Inquire about our wholesale local craft frozen pizzas. 

We are keen to work with cafes, bakeries, restaurants, bike shops, breweries and more!


Bicycle Pizza


Pick up location: 1191 Verdier Ave located
at Beauregard Cafe, Brentwood Bay, BC
V8M 1E6

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