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Frozen Pizza Delivery

The best thing you've committed to all year. Frozen  Bicycle Pizza delivered to your home.

​Benefits include:

  • Time! The most valuable benefit of all. Let us bring the pizza to your home!

  • Delicious and healthy pizza stocked in your freezer

  • Warm and fuzzy feeling of supporting a small Vancouver Island business



Pizza Answers to Pizza Questions

How do I pay?

We've partnered with BCause to get frozen pizza direct to you. Check out through their online store and pay online. Easy peezy.

How will the pizza be delivered?

Your pies will be packaged individually. They will arrive frozen.

When will I get my pizza

That's up to you! Select your desired delivery date through our friends at BCause. Rush same day delivery is available! 

What other retail spots stock Bicycle Pizza?
Do any of the pizzas have nuts?

Yes! The Grapes and Honey pizza has roasted walnuts. We do not add mystery nuts to any other pizzas however it is not a nut-free facility.

How long will they last in the freezer?

Pizzas are frozen then heat sealed in plastic packaging. They will last a couple of months. After that they will start getting freezer-burnt. This will impact quality a bit but isn’t dangerous. 

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