Frozen Pizza Subscription

The best subscription you've committed to all year. Frozen pizza delivered to your home.

  • Frozen pizza delivered to your door every month

  • Delicious pizza stocked in your freezer

  • Monthly savings $$

How it Works

Are you ready to up your freezer food game?


Pick how many and how often. Done!


Frozen pizzas are delivered once per month.

Variety Pack
5 pizzas

5 freshly frozen pizzas

One of each

Monthly home delivery

 Balance Bike
6 pizzas

6 freshly frozen pizzas

Choice of 3 varieties

Monthly home delivery

Weekend Warrior
8 pizzas

8 freshly frozen pizzas

Choice of 4 varieties

Monthly home delivery

Gran Fondo
10 pizzas

10 freshly frozen pizzas

Choice of 5 varieties

Monthly home delivery

Delivery is separated by zones.

Zone 1-  Victoria & Westshore : 4th Wednesday of the month

Zone 2 - Saanich Peninsula & Sidney: 3rd Wednesday of the month

Once your subscription and payment has been received, we will confirm your zone delivery! 

If you're not happy, let us know and we'll make it right.



Pizza Answers to Pizza Questions

How do I pay?

Check out through our online store and pay via credit card. Easy peezy.

How will the pizza be delivered?

Your pies will be packaged individually. They will arrive frozen.

When will I get my pizza

Depending on where you live, you can expect your pizza to arrive on a Thursday.

I want to customize my pizza- how does this work?

When ordering online, leave a note for our crew. If the customization means adding ingredients that are not accounted for, we may need to charge you extra. We'll confirm before we do anything!  It’s that simple. If we don’t have something you’re looking for, let us know!


What other retail spots stock Bicycle Pizza?
I don't know if I'm ready to commit, where can I try Bicycle Pizza?

Order a fresh pizza online, available Friday-Saturday for pick up at Beauregard Commons. Order here.

Do any of the pizzas have nuts?

We don't add mystery nuts to any of our dishes but it is not a nut-free facility.

How long will they last in the freezer?

Pizzas are frozen then heat sealed in plastic packaging. They will last a couple of months. After that they will start getting freezer-burnt. This will impact quality a bit but isn’t dangerous. 

This subscription isn’t for me- can I cancel before my subscription ends?

Of course! Send us an email at We will cancel your subscription and refund the unfulfilled portion of your payment. Discounts will be forfeited if you cancel early. No funny business.