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Bicycle Pizza: an agile, sustainable and tasty business concept

Douglas Magazine - Emily Dobby - August 18, 2021

When the pandemic hit, Andrew Johnson was working in a charming spot off the beaten bath in Brentwood Bay near Beauregard Cafe. He met Doug Mutch, owner of the Beauregard Cafe and the seed for an online only, take-out only pizza business on the Saanich Peninsula was planted. From their first conversation, it was a matter of two months before Bicycle Pizza had their soft opening month.

“The pandemic allowed us to dream big, pivot and develop to a business model that adapts to the current environment,” says Johnson. “Customers are looking for safe ways to enjoy their favourite foods and our business model provides the ideal way for them to enjoy extraordinary pizza safely at home. As we are all more comfortable pre-arranging everything virtually from doctor’s appointments, to click and collect groceries, the idea of online ordering has become our new normal.”

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