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Edible Notables: Bicycle Pizza

Edible Vancouver Island - Danielle Stenier - June 15, 2021

Photo by: Dominic Hall

Work hard. Ride bikes. Eat pizza

The motto is simple, the food is delicious—and the business is booming. But that won’t come as a surprise to anyone who has tried Bicycle Pizza’s mouth-watering pies. Creating pizzas that combine the best of New York and California styles with Mediterranean flair, husband-and-wife team Andrew and Vanessa Johnson use food to connect with their family, friends and community—which means they’re always coming up with new ways to share the love of their old-school, classic dough creations topped with fresh, local ingredients.

Most recently, they launched a frozen pizza subscription service. Their pizzas are available frozen at select retailers, but Andrew and Vanessa decided to take the concept a step further.

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